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Speaking good English and still need to work on some aspects or soft skills?
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Our video courses
Pitch to Win
Public speaking training for non-native English speakers
Genius of accents
English phonetics training for international speakers
Our packages - of 4, 8 and 12 sessions
Book 1-1 online sessions with a coach any time you need to work on a particular language or cultural aspect within a short period of time
Phonetics: accent, sounds, tones, pitch
Public speaking: TEDx, presentation, pitch, talk, report preparation
Negotiations: argumentation, debating techniques
Preparation for interviewing foreign staff
Grammar: from low to high levels
Vocabulary: from general to professional
Sales to foreign customers and partners
Writing: emails, reports, presentations, articles, books, marketing campaigns
Cultural intelligence: global team communication, management
Memory training: attention, focus and creativity
Comprehension: understanding a speech flow and following conversations
Speaking fluency: natural speech flow without any difficulty
Our programmes
If you plan to learn a language from 0 or from one of low levels to achieve fluency, you can pick one of our long programmes. It's the best for expanding your business, building an international team, preparing for an MBA or concluding international partnerships.
36 sessions
3-4,5 months of studies with a team of tutors
72 sessions
6-8 months of studies with a team of tutors
108 sessions
9-11 months of studies with a team of tutors
144 sessions
10-12 months of studies with a team of tutors
Which languages can you study with us?
We have prepared our courses for you to study English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Portuguese. Also, there are programmes to learn Chinese (Mandarin) from zero, Russian, Hindi, Arabic and Farsi.
If you'd like to take up a language that is not listed, get in touch with us. Other languages are available upon request.

Amolingua courses for business
Train your employees presentation skills, cross-cultural negotiation tactics, deep socio-cultural knowledge about another culture for international success of your business
Master language
Amolingua helps to organise a very flexible schedule for your employees. By gaining general language knowledge your employees will explore terminology and best foreign practices.
Enhance skills
Amolingua specialists will help your employees to master their negotiation skills, presentation skills and even train their memory.
Embrace culture
Amolingua tutors will tell your employees about local game rules in life and business in order to avoid mistakes and gain the upper hand.
What makes us happy
We are proud of our clients
Lisa Schweizer while preparing for MBA in Paris has doubled her score in English. Marianna Modenova (BBC) in London has started speaking Spanish at B1 after a module of 3 months! Larissa Talvitie in Helsinki has reached B2 in Italian! Fernando Yoshimura has successfully got relocated from Sao Paulo to London and Madrid after enhancing his languages with us! Marina Machado in Porto has reached B1in English to conduct meetings and travel! Fai Bin Salamah in Kuwait has successfully passed her IELTS at 7.5 with 8.0 in speaking and got a new job! Jennifer Bagehorn in London has enhanced her Italian from zero to A2 and got accepted to a school in Italy! Kazuo Isobe in California has enhanced his English and trained for presenting his scientific discoveries in the sphere of biotech at a conference in Germany! Louise Brudo (Chalmers Ventures) in Goteborg has enhanced her presentation skills in English with us to speak in front of big international crowds. Yang 楊洋 from Shanghai has successfully passed IELTS at 7.5 with speaking at 8.0! Rafael de Abreu has smoothly moved to Edinburgh from Sao Paulo to go on with his international research. Aly Shafigullina passed TOEFL and got accepted to Wisconsin University! Elena Bondarenko (Leaders of Russia) has won €15,000 scholarship to study MBA at Skolkovo School of Management!
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