Get your training in foreign languages and cultures on daily basis working with your personal team of tutors constantly
connected to you
Discuss your interests, focus on your goals, work on your strengths and weaknesses, complete tasks and track your progress anytime in your profile
Train for your international success
We help you to use knowledge of language and culture to achieve your global goals
For academia
Enhance your language knowledge together with preparation for certificate exams necessary for the next academic level
For career
Strengthen your CV with language proficiency and prepare you for relocation with deep cultural intelligence training
For business
Boost your international position, improve understanding of your market and dialogue with customers
"After every session I feel tangible progress. I'm recommending your courses to my clients and colleagues."
Anton Scherbakov
CEO at Grand Alliance
"My speaking has improved significantly since our first meeting and now I can conduct meetings with my foreign partners in English without a translator."
Sergey Tsybouk
CEO at LongestChance
"I have gained confidence in spoken German in order to pursue my goal to get transferred to work in Switzerland."
Alexander Thompson
Manager at CHANEL
"I've been taking classes in French and English to prepare for IELTS. It's been amazing experience! I now can communicate in French with natives, and I've passes my IELTS with 7.5 with 8.0 in speaking!"
Natalia Dotsenko
MA student at King's College London
Amolingua courses for business
Train your employees presentation skills, cross-cultural negotiation tactics, deep socio-cultural knowledge about another culture for international success of your business
Master language
Amolingua helps to organise a very flexible schedule for your employees. By gaining general language knowledge your employees will explore terminology and best foreign practices.
Enhance skills
Amolingua specialists will help your employees to master their negotiation skills, presentation skills and even train their memory.
Embrace culture
Amolingua tutors will tell your employees about local game rules in life and business in order to avoid mistakes and gain the upper hand.
How it works
Register at our platform
Sign up for the platform. Opt fot courses with materials for self-studying. Get connected with other learning peers to practice with instant access to materials.
Choose a package
of lessons
Once you are working on our tailored materials you can choose packages of live videos lessons with a team of tutors. All lessons and additional communication will be held at the platform and all your materials will be stored in your profile.
Get personalised reports and feedback on your progress
Together with our progress tracking system you will get feedback on your practice from your curator. After each session you will receive a feedback and proceed with your self-study materials.
Our numbers
students taught
trained tutors
lessons taught
Why it works
Transparency of the process.
Boosted motivation
A team of tutors is working with you focusing on your interests and learning goals.
Flexible schedule
Your time is valuable. You can schedule and re-schedule sessions regardless your timezone and location.
Tracked progress
You can track your progress with our LMS - learning management system in place that is convenient to use.
“I've taken Spanish to learn a new language. During the course I was so inspired by my tutors that I decided to go to Spain to study! Miraculously I got a scholarship for MBA in Madrid and went there for a year!" - Margo, Antal Group
Our pillars
Language learning is not just about languages anymore. Learn a language and master your soft skills with us
Cultural Intelligence
You will start better understanding your foreign colleagues, partners and customers after learning more about their culture and society.
Memory training
You will enhance your cognitive skills by training your focus, attention and creativity with memory trainings. You will memorise more words and more information in general.
Public Speaking
You will develop storytelling techniques tailored for foreign cultures that will help you to present in international public or pitch your project to foreign investors.
Change your life
Get ready for your next global adventure
We have prepared our tailored materials for you in European and Asian languages. They include texts, audios, videos, grammar theory and exercises. Currently we have materials available for studying English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese and Russian. Meanwhile we are preparing materials for learning Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Dutch, Greek... and training soft skills.
Want to have lessons with tutors? Choose your package
Pick a package of sessions or subscribe on a monthly basis
— 12 1-to-1 sessions with a tutor
— Curator for written and speaking tasks
— 2 cancellations allowed per month
Valid for 2 months
— 36 1-to-1 sessions with a tutor
— Curator for written and speaking tasks
— 4 cancellations allowed per month
Valid for 4 months
— 72 1-to-1 sessions with a tutor
— Curator for written and speaking tasks
— 6 cancellations allowed per month
Valid for 8 months
— 4 1-to-1 sessions per month
— Curator for written and speaking tasks
— Messenger communication
Per month
— 8 1-to-1 sessions per month
— Curator for written and speaking tasks
— Messenger communication
Per month
— 12 1-to-1 sessions per month
— Curator for written and speaking tasks
— Messenger communication
Per month
Our team of tutors is gradually growing. You can study with us almost any language: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Polish, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and its dialects, Greek, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Romanian, Albanian and there are more programmes coming up. You can pick up even two languages at the same time or focus on other communication skills. Check on more details at the platform.
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