Learn and prosper
Become a master of communication in a foreign language and culture
Learn and prosper
Become a master of communication in a foreign language and culture
TRAIN with US:
Enhance emotional and cultural intelligence
Develop charisma and confidence as a team player
Create a meaningful connection with your audience
Improve effective communication skills in a foreign language
Master storytelling techniques to inspire
Become a strong global leader with your own unique voice
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Pitch to Win
Public speaking training for non-native English speakers
Speaking Club for Professionals
Special speaking raining for international professionals
Thank you, Amolingua team, for supporting me in my language journey, preparation for conferences and moving to London! You have helped to change my life.
Svetlana Kochkaeva
Project manager
Thank you so much for your course. It was very helpful, thank you for exercises, advice, suggestions and support! I really appreciate it!
Yang 楊洋
Shanghai University
"I'd like to thank Amolingua for support, understanding, knowledge and confidence that I've gained this year."
Elena Tsinskaya
Perfect lessons, good feedback on my language and speaking skills which has helped me to improve my English seriously. Thank you so much!
Fai Bin Salamah
Kuwait city
Thank you! Sessions with you have helped me a lot while preparing for my events in London. Thank you!
Egor Popov
Director at SQUADRA
Learning English with you, guys, was the most awesome experience of learning English in my life!
Nikita Bogdanov
Project manager at Yandex
I've been taking classes in French and English to prepare for IELTS. It's been amazing experience! I now can communicate in French with natives, and I've passes my IELTS with 7.5 with 8.0 in speaking!
Natalia Dotsenko
MA student at King's College London
After every session I feel tangible progress. I'm recommending your courses to my clients and colleagues.
Anton Scherbakov
CEO at Grand Alliance
I am really grateful for your training course. I indeed feel a tangible progress in my professional vocabulary and speech flow. Thank you for your work and patience!
Anna Katamadze
IT security specialist
My speaking has improved significantly since our first meeting and now I can conduct meetings with my foreign partners in English without a translator.
Sergey Tsybouk
CEO at LongestChance
Thank you very much for your support and materials! Lessons have given me much more than English for negotiations and presentations!
Nadin Chernova
Government Relations
Our pillars
Language learning is not just about languages anymore. Learn a language and master your soft skills with us
Cultural Intelligence
You will start better understanding your foreign colleagues, partners and customers after learning more about their culture and society.
Memory training
You will enhance your cognitive skills by training your focus, attention and creativity with memory trainings. You will memorise more words and more information in general.
Public Speaking
You will develop storytelling techniques tailored for foreign cultures that will help you to present in international public or pitch your project to foreign investors.
Become the best version of yourself
Train for your international success
We help you to use knowledge of language and culture to achieve your global goals
For academia
Enhance your language knowledge together with preparation for certificate exams necessary for the next academic level
For career
Strengthen your CV with language proficiency and prepare you for relocation with deep cultural intelligence training
For business
Boost your international position, improve understanding of your market and dialogue with customers
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Amolingua training for business
Train your employees presentation skills, cross-cultural negotiation tactics, deep socio-cultural knowledge about another culture for international success of your business
Master language
Amolingua helps to organise a very flexible schedule for your employees. By gaining general language knowledge your employees will explore terminology and best foreign practices.
Enhance skills
Amolingua specialists will help your employees to master their negotiation skills, presentation skills and even train their memory.
Embrace culture
Amolingua tutors will tell your employees about local game rules in life and business in order to avoid mistakes and gain the upper hand.
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